Assistant Accountant

Carrying out routine financial activities and support for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes.

Standard Code


On Programme Delivery

18 months



Gateway Requirements

• Level 2 Maths and English.
• Professional exams or work-based evidence.

Pre-Assessment Meeting

• 30 minutes maximum.
• Remote telephone or video conference.
• Explanation of the assessments.

Assessment Methods

Portfolio Review
• Remotely reviewed by our assessors.

Synoptic Test
• 3 hours duration.
• Carried out and invigilated remotely.
• Mixture of calculations and written questions.

Reflective Discussion (Based on Portfolio)
• Carried out remotely.
• 60 minutes duration.


• Fail/Pass/Distinction.
• Results released within 5 working days of final assessment result.


• Sent from ESFA directly to employer.
• Certificate received 5 days after final apprentice grade is released.