Ten well-known employers offering degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships provide a great way to gain a university level qualification whilst earning a proper salary or wage. They offer the means by which an apprentice can lay the groundwork for a successful career in a particular sector or occupation for years to come, and not surprisingly are increasing in popularity. What some people might not know is that more UK based and international companies with a strong reputation for business excellence are also taking an interest in degree apprenticeships. Not only that, but they are also being increasingly used by the public sector to ensure that they attract the best candidates for the most important positions in their organisations.

The advantages to being on a degree apprenticeship are considerable but doing one with a large or well-known employer can also bring other bonuses that smaller companies might not be able to offer. Large businesses can employ hundreds if not thousands of people, which means that they regularly recruit more often. They can therefore have more positions and funds available to allocate to new teams, employees and apprentices or trainees. The greater availability of financial resources that such companies have available can also mean that they provide numerous company benefits, such as healthcare plans, spending vouchers, childcare support and so on. Larger employers may also have further opportunities for training and CPD in addition to any degree apprenticeships they offer.

Ten well-known companies that have hired degree apprentices

The list here is not exhaustive, but these companies have been known to hire degree apprentices, whilst some have also been known to offer intermediate and advanced apprenticeships.

1. NHS

2. Amazon

3. AstraZeneca

4. BAE Systems

5. Balfour Beatty

6. GSK


8. Sky

9. Accenture

10. Transport for London