Apprentices: why become one?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Gain in-demand skills

Apprenticeships are a great way to acquire the skills and experience that more employers are expecting to see their workforce develop. All of the apprenticeship specifications approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships have been designed with the needs and concerns of businesses in mind, whilst some employers have even helped to design them. By undergoing an apprenticeship you can be confident of gaining a strong advantage in the sector you want to pursue by getting the skills that employers want.

Earn while you learn

Completing an apprenticeship means earning a real wage whilst learning your chosen field. In addition to earning a salary your employer should pay for your training, which can include attending an FE college or training provider on a part-time basis. Unlike students at college or university who are not able to earn a wage as part of their study programme, undertaking an apprenticeship means being able to gain a professional qualification in addition to earning a wage or salary.

Numerous industry options

Although some people might think that apprenticeships are only available for a limited number of trades, the reality is that apprenticeships now cover an extraordinary number of different roles and industries. From obvious examples such as Plumbing and Hairdressing to specific occupations such as Stonemasonry and Digital Marketing, there are more than five hundred apprenticeships that cover all manner of job titles and sectors. If you can think of a job or industry, no matter how specific it might be, the likelihood is that it’s covered somewhere by an apprenticeship specification!

Standing out from the competition

An apprentice that demonstrates their work ethic and commitment during an apprenticeship is more likely to have the experience needed to succeed in their chosen sector than someone who may have finished university but has little work experience. Having relevant experience is becoming increasingly valued by employers when assessing potential candidates for future roles and apprenticeships can be a good way of getting your foot in the door with a particular company or industry.

Apprenticeships are the future

Apprenticeships are not only becoming more popular with employers, but are also being increasingly valued by the government. In recent months apprenticeships have attracted more government funding as a way of providing new opportunities to young and mature adults alike in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic. Employers are being given greater financial incentives to take on apprentices whilst new schemes such as flexi-apprenticeships are being proposed to encourage more opportunities in sectors such as the creative industries. With this in mind, the importance of apprenticeships as a way of learning a trade or occupation is only likely to increase.

With more choices available than ever before the time to start an apprenticeship has never been better. Doing an apprenticeship can give you a strong advantage over a college or university graduate by earning a real wage whilst learning a valuable trade or profession. To find out more about ORCA and our services in apprenticeship consultancy and end-point assessment, please find us across social media or visit our website at