EPA Approach

ORCA's approach to EPA is as follows

Step 1 - Registration

Apprentices will be registered 60 days prior to the expected gateway date. Registrations are completed on ACE360 and our dedicated assessment Management team are here to support the process.

Step 2 - Support

We agree on an EPA model that works for you.

Step 3 - Gateway

All gateway documents will be uploaded to ACE360 in order to complete the gateway review.

Step 4 - Booking Assessments

ORCA ensure scheduling assessments is as simple and straightforward as possible by using ACE360 to book and manage all assessments.

Step 5 - Assessment & Results

Assessments are completed with our experienced assessors and experts. Results are then provided to apprentices within 5 days.

Step 6 - Certificates

Certificates are then claimed within 5 days after the final grade is published on ACE360 system.